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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take?

The Advanced Rider Course covers your costs for 1 year. The time it will take to gain an advanced test pass will vary with your ability and the amount of practice that you undertake. As a guideline, it will often take about 6 rides with your observer to get to a test standard as long as you practise between the observed rides (observed rides are, typically, 2 hours in duration).

I have 6 points on my licence, can I still take an advanced test?

You can take the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Motorcycle Test with any number of points on your licence as long as you're not actually disqualified. The thinking is that your skills will improve and making the decision to do something about your riding is an important first step.

Will having an advanced test pass affect my insurance premiums?

Several insurance companies are now seeking the improved risk of taking on advanced test pass holders. IAM Roadsmart has a specific link with Cornmarket Insurance (IAM Surety) who offer very competitive quotes.

How often do SAM members get together for rides and other activities?

SAM has a very busy calendar throughout the year for group rides of differing types (from 2 hours to several days). There are also theory based training sessions, specific training events such as slow riding, off-road riding and first aid training, and social activities. Events often occur every week and even in the winter there will be at least 2 planned rides each month.

Once I’ve passed my test do I have to remain a member of the IAM Roadsmart?

To maintain you advanced test qualification you must remain a member of the IAM Roadsmart.

Is the IAM Roadsmart advanced test the final goal?

Beyond the test there are other things to consider such as being a ride leader in SAM, becoming a local observer and then, perhaps, a national observer. As an observer you will be trained to ride out with new associates joining SAM to encourage them in their riding development. To do this you will acquire a significantly increased skill set as a rider and find huge rewards (not financial, sadly!) in helping others. There are other goals too, like gaining a place on the F1RST register (an advanced test pass with 1s scored in every section) or the very demanding Masters Test.

As an advanced motorcyclist do I have to stick to the speed limits?

The law is the law.

What’s meant by ‘progressive riding’?

‘Progressive riding’ means that you will use the agility and acceleration of your motorcycle to carry your speed safely. With improved cornering technique, for example, you can ride much more smoothly, this will enhance your progress and be more fuel efficient.

What if I fail my advanced test?

The advanced test is a significant step up from the DVSA test and not everyone passes their advanced test first time; the test experience is still invaluable (not least the debrief from the examiner). Those associates who do fail first time usually keep going and subsequently achieve a good pass.

Are the riders who are going to help me pass my advanced test all professional trainers?

No, SAM observers are all volunteers who are full members of IAM Roadsmart and they have received training within SAM to assess the riding of associates. Through observation and discussion they will encourage riders to develop their skills.

Are there female members of SAM?

Yes, SAM has several female members.

Will it be any fun?

Oh yes, why else would we do it?

Isn’t the classic image of an advanced rider someone on a BMW with a Sam Browne hi-viz belt on?

Like most stereotypes this image is outdated. SAM has members who ride just about every conceivable type of motorcycle: sports bikes, supermoto, tourers, cruisers, off-roaders, scooters, classics. Whatever you ride, you won’t feel out of place.