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Chair Person’s Address

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. Hopefully it will have given you a flavour of the culture and aims of our Club, and the interests of our members. Our aim is to allow our members to enjoy their motorcycling to the maximum in a social environment, continuously developing their skills and sharing their knowledge with other like-minded riders. Our extensive events list demonstrates the variety and scope of our active ride calendar, offering riders of all levels the chance to participate in an active social calendar. Our rides aim to maximise riding pleasure without compromising safety; Our observer programmes aim to provide rider development in a non-pressurised environment; and all members are encouraged to both participate in organised activities and advanced training, and contribute by leading rides and sharing new-found skills with other members.

If you love your motorcycling, and want to develop your skills with other like-minded riders, then pick up the phone or drop an e-mail to one of us. With CBRs to Cruisers, Blackbirds to Boxers, Super Motos to Street Triples and Tigers to Teneres, you’ll find a huge variety of bike and rider in the club to share tales with. Active development has never been so enjoyable.